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Annual spring cleaning by availing the cleaning services in NYC, has become more of a ritual for many households to start fresh after the winter season. If you are one of those households, you should opt to unclutter and organize your apartment beforehand. You are probably going to hire a cleaning service to get the job done but it’s always a good idea to prepare yourself as well as your apartment. Dust and dirt will get accumulated when you move items from room to room, so doing that after the spring cleaning is not feasible. Uncluttering and organizing your apartment before your NYC cleaning service takes over is the way to go. Here are a few ways you can prepare for your annual spring cleaning:

Work On Every Room

Before a cleaning service takes over your house for the annual spring clean-up, work on every room individually so that you don’t have the hassle of dealing with everything at once later on. Your bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and all the other areas of the apartment is most likely to be cluttered with things you don’t need. Working on each room individually will help you see what’s out of place, what needs to be kept and what you don’t need anymore.

Go For the Box Approach

There are going to be things in your apartment that you actually use, and then the things that are just lying around for no reason which you should have gotten rid of ages ago. The best way to do this is place everything in boxes. There can be a box of things you want to keep and one for the things you want to get rid of, which can then be dealt with accordingly.

Make a List

Make a list of your belongings so that they don’t get misplaced or end up in the wrong place. The cleaning services in NYC are reliable and trustworthy but if you don’t stay organized yourself, miscommunication can take place and you don’t want to move things later on making everything dusty again. By having a list in hand you will know exactly what is where. The things you want to keep should be sent to their appropriate places. Make sure you utilize your closet, drawer and room space. The things you don’t want anymore don’t need to be thrown away; instead they can be given to charity, sold or recycled.

Time for Spring-Cleaning

Once everything is organised, it is time to get rid of the cobwebs and dust bunnies. Cleaning services in NYC are professional, friendly and will make sure they get the job done in the most effective way possible. Having everything in place makes it easier for the cleaning service to clean up and once it’s done, your whole apartment will be dust-free as well as organized. If you don’t take the first initial step of uncluttering your belongings, the whole tasks becomes more of a headache for you as well as for the cleaning service you hired.

Gemini Cleaning is waiting for your call so you can relax and have your apartment ready for the spring! Call us anytime at 800.626.1366 and we will do the rest.

Germs are everywhere! With the recent outbreak of diseases, a lot of people are wary about germs and how to protect ourselves from the harmful ones. However, only 1% of them can actually pose serious health threats. Germs lurk in places you least expect them to be in and this article will help you spot those places and disinfect them accordingly. It is important that you make sure every nook and cranny of your home is clean to avoid any contact with harmful germs. Also, don’t do it yourself – hire a NYC cleaning service to do the job.  Here are the 5 most germ infected places in your home that you never would have thought of:

Kitchen faucet and Sink

Any area that is moist attracts a multitude of germs and bacteria, making the kitchen faucet and sink a germ hotbed. The metal screen that is found at the tip of the faucet is moist almost the entire day. If the faucet’s tip comes in contact with dirty hands or food items, the germs would grow and stay at the faucet tip making it dangerous. This build-up of germs can eventually lead to the formation of what is called a biofilm. Professional cleaning services can help you get rid of this before it’s too late. This biofilm, if not stopped from growing can become big enough to contaminate your food and the dishes you wash with the water coming from the faucet.

Remote Control

You may have not thought about this but your remote controls are some of the most germ infested things lying around at your home. The TV remote control is often neglected when one is cleaning or disinfecting. It gets passed on from one person’s hand to another, it gets sneezed on, it gets stuck in dirty corners and places, and it gets food droplets on it and what not. Tests that have been done on TV remote controls found that it contains a lot of the viruses that causes flu.


This is an obvious one but is still included in this list because it is more often than not, neglected. The things that we dispose, from raw chicken scrapings to leftover food can leave a host of harmful bacteria in the garbage disposal which could in turn make people at your home seriously ill. Cleaning services in NYC are experts when it comes to ensuring that your bins are cleaned and germ-free. Your garbage disposal should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day.

Dish Cloth

The cloth that you use to wipe your dishes is also home to a lot of germs. This is because it is always moist and it is located in the germiest part of your house – the kitchen. The dish cloth should be kept as clean as possible because it has direct contact with your dishes. A recent research conducted in the US found that 7% of the dish cloths used was contaminated with harmful germs.


Your bathtub just like your kitchen sink is a favourite place for germs. The staphylococcus bacteria were found in over 26% of bathtubs, not to mention a host of other fungi and germs. It is helpful to have a NYC cleaning service help you in disinfecting your tub as a part of their cleaning routine. Water that gets trapped in the pipes is the root cause for such high germ rate in your bathtub.

Gemini Cleaning is waiting for your call so you can relax and be sure that your NYC apartment is clean and germ free. Call us anytime at 800.626.1366 and we will do the rest.

When the New Year comes around, so do the New Year’s resolutions. The new year, new me concept has been around for ages and though it barely works for everyone, it is worth a shot. If you are a disorganized person, one of your resolutions could be to change that in the coming year. Being organized means to plan ahead and think things through which can then help you save money and get things in order. To make your life convenient in 2015, you can hire NYC cleaning services so that you can focus on your goals and make your life as convenient as possible! Here are some ways to go about it:

Understand Why You Need a NYC Cleaning Service

Choosing a cleaning service in NYC is the first step and doing that is itself cost and time efficient. You may think it would be too costly to hire someone compared to doing the cleaning yourself, but in the long run you would actually be making it easier for yourself. Life in NYC is busy and spending time on cleaning would just mean that you would be neglecting the other work you could accomplish at that time. Also as you are not a professional, you won’t know which cleaning equipment is the best for you leading to more waste of money. NYC cleaning services will actually help you save cost and time in the long run.

Make a List

Make a list of things you want a cleaning service to take care of in your house. Do you want them to do the basic dusting or mopping or are there some other services you want to avail like window cleaning? Knowing what you need helps you choose the best cleaning service for yourself that provides it at the best possible cost.

Prepare a Budget

You should know how much money you should accommodate to what in the coming year. Preparing a budget helps you be organized and stops you from wasting money. Things that are a part of your daily life like getting your house cleaned, laundry and car services, you can accommodate a monthly budget for that to avoid spending more than you planned. Once you know which NYC cleaning service to hire, you can make it a part of your monthly budget according to how much they charge.

Ask Around

Referrals are an effective way to hire the best cleaning service in NYC. There will be many people around you who would have NYC cleaning services coming over to clean their homes and offices like friends, family and colleagues. Asking their opinion can let you know which one is the most suitable for you and also lets you compare costs.

Insurance and Background Checks

Don’t go for a NYC cleaning service that is not insured or does not directly hire its employees. Accidents do happen and you don’t want to be dealing it with on your own. Doing a background check is just as important as you are letting people come in your home where all your valuable belongings are. This is why it is important to plan from before and choose a NYC cleaning service that would not put you at a risk and make you lose money.

Gemini Cleaning is waiting for your call so you can relax and save money in 2015! Call us anytime at 800.626.1366 and we will do the rest.

The New Year’s Eve celebration is right around the corner and you know how New Year celebrations can get crazy in the Big Apple. After all the party and merriment, there will surely be a big mess left behind. This is where the professional NYC cleaning service comes in handy. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire one:

It’s Cost-Efficient

There’s a popular misconception that hiring a cleaning service costs a lot of money. At first glance it might look like that’s the case but if you think about the big picture, you are actually saving money by hiring a cleaning service. Cleanings services, especially the experienced ones, know exactly what they need to get the job done. Therefore there will be less waste when it comes to cleaning materials.

It’s Time-Efficient

Professional cleaning services in NYC can do the clean-up operation in much lesser time than you can on your own. They work strategically and efficiently which means that you can have your place back to normal as soon as possible. The cleaners are well-trained and are capable of getting the cleaning job done quickly, without compromising on the quality of their work. This in turn will also save you a lot of your own time which you can use doing something else instead of cleaning up.

They Have the Necessary Equipment

If you had a massive New Year’s party, there might be too much trash that it would require special equipment to take out. If it’s not the weight that you are worried about right now, there will most likely be stains from the party. Dips, wine and food can all create stains on your rugs, walls and furniture that professional NYC cleaning services will be able to clean effectively. You may not have the expertise and techniques that they have so it is best to leave the stain cleaning to the experts.

They Take Safety Precautions

Lastly and also an equally important point, cleaning services use safety precautions when they clean up. There will be shards and probably broken bottle on the floor which can cause injury to you if you do the cleaning by yourself. Professional cleaning services have the necessary protective gears to ensure that no one gets hurt in the process and all of the stuff gets cleared out from your place.

You may think that you can do all the cleaning up post-party on your own but you will never know how relieving it is to have a professional cleaning service do it for you. You are freed from the burden of having to scrub your floor, take out the pile of trash and clean the stains from your party.

Gemini Cleaning is waiting for your call so you can relax and enjoy the beginning of 2015! Call us anytime at 800.626.1366 and we will do the rest.

The cold and flu season is right around the corner. No one wants to be sick in the season of merry making, that’s for sure. But how many of you actually clean your apartments for the sole purpose of sanitizing and disinfecting it from harmful viruses such as the flu virus? Not many, we’re guessing. Viruses do not just go away with dusting or simple wiping. You have to use certain sanitizing and disinfecting products to make sure that they’re killed.  There are plenty of things and places in your apartments that are good hosts for viruses, especially those which are often touched by a number of people. NYC cleaning services are not always paying close attention to your health so below are some tips on how to clean your apartment to get rid of the flu virus:

Wash all linens and towels

Linens such as bed sheets, quilts, pillow cases and towels are all susceptible to the flu virus. You should wash all of these items in lukewarm water with a disinfecting detergent as a part of your apartment cleaning operation. Make sure to get a detergent that is effective yet not so harsh on your skin. It is important that you keep your linens and towels clean and dry at all times. If you use a cleaning service, make sure they follow this tip.

Allow sunshine into your apartment

The sun is nature’s best disinfectant and number one enemy of viruses. Viruses, like the flu virus are often in abundance during seasons where there is less sunshine. It is therefore crucial that you let as much sunshine into your apartment as you possibly can. Opening your windows would also allow fresh air to circulate in your apartment and take harmful viruses with it. Never keep your apartment closed off from ventilation to prevent dampness and trapping viruses. It is also good practice to put pillows and rugs outside in direct sunlight to sanitize and disinfect them.

Wipe house items with disinfectants

There are items in every apartment that are more often touched than others. This includes light switches, door knobs, handles, the door of your fridge, stove knobs etc. It is important to disinfect these items. Disinfecting sprays are easily available at supermarkets and wiping these items would not require a long time. Make sure that the product you choose does not contain strong chemicals that can destroy the items you are wiping. You can hire a NYC cleaning service to do this for you.

Never leave your trash can full

The trash can is home to a multitude of bacteria and germs. You do not want to be keeping a full pile of trash inside your apartment for long because the viruses and bacteria will soon circulate around your house. This is particularly the case if someone is sick at your apartment and the trash can has used tissue papers in it. Remember, the flu virus is air borne!

Clean your toothbrush

In case you already caught the flu, it is important that you clean your whole place down in order to not infect other people. However, most people forget to pay attention to small important details such as their toothbrush. Soak your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide to kill the flu virus.

Hire a cleaning service

If you feel under the weather already or if you are too busy with your schedule, hire a professional cleaning service that will the job for you. Gemini Cleaning Service is waiting for your call: 800-626-1366.

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Christmas in New York

There is no doubt Christmas in New York City is arguably the best across the globe. Apart from just having a magical family Christmas celebration, you can always make the most of the endless attractions opened all year round as well as those only opened limitedly during the holidays. Some of the greatest performances happen here, attractions and displays inspired by the movie sets await the crowds on every corner.  There are plenty of great options for some last minute gift shopping too.  Top it all off with a fabulous Christmas party, after all, this is the time of the year when families and friends come together to eat, drink, make merry and wind down.  As this is the best city in the world, you must not fear the hassle and bustle after all these huge parties and during and after Christmas - there are great cleaning services in New York City you can call upon to help you organize, maintain and clean things up wholly. So this year plan on spending your Christmas to the fullest in the heart of this great city. Here are the popular highlights:

Rockefeller Center Plaza

The first place to visit that tells every visitor what Christmas in New York City is all about is the Rockefeller Center Plaza, sometimes referred by many as the center of Christmas in the Big Apple. Here you will find a gigantic Christmas tree, which has been around since 1931 and contains over 45K LED lights.

Photo moments here will be unforgettable. The lights will click off at thirty minutes past eleven through Christmas and from about nine in the evening up to the New Year.

Take Christmas Dinner in the City

While everyone is enjoying Christmas cheer in their homes, lots of Christmas cuisines are also unfolding in restaurants across New York City. Open restaurants post Christmas Menus for all to browse while some started accepting reservations on the internet for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve way back in Early November and late October. Stay on the watch for some hot areas in Brooklyn with some fantastic newly opened places  - some even starred by Michelin.

NYC Ice Skating

Christmas in New York is just not “it” without ice skating. From native New Yorkers to the visitors, ice skating is a Christmas tradition that unfolds in a number of ice rinks across town such as Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center and Central Park where authentic winter experiences of New York unfurl. A number of boroughs of New York, including Manhattan, have different kinds of ice skating rinks and you should not find it hard to access one.

Walking tours on Christmas

A unique walking tour of New York City designed with Christmas in mind takes place between November 28th and 20th December 2014 (especially on Saturdays and Fridays at five in the evening and on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve also at five in the evening). This is where you find out all about the bits and pieces that make the special Christmas moments, delights, displays and traditions in New York, including the famous glittering trees, choruses and music with a Christmas touch.

You will be able to see some of the most enthralling holiday displays, St. Patrick's Cathedral, holiday markets, uniquely transformed store windows and even whole buildings decorated with lights from the bottom to the top like Cartier's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Rockettes Radio City 2014 Christmas Spectacular

With shows all Christmas Eve and even on Christmas Day the Rockettes will continue with their 75 year old tradition of performing on New York City during the holiday season. The highlights will be the eye-high signature kicks and exciting meticulous choreography.

To prepare fully for the Christmas cheer for your guests, family members, friends, co-workers and colleagues you can always request cleaning services in New York City to continue planning for the big memorable day without much stress.

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