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Basic cleaning service


Basic Cleaning Service



(includes cleaning, dusting, mopping or vacuuming of the areas listed below):


KITCHEN - Cabinets exteriors, countertops and tables, sinks, fixtures and backsplashes. Appliances exteriors; microwave exterior and interior. Running and emptying one cycle of the dishwasher, emptying waste baskets, floors.


BEDROOMS - Exterior surfaces and furniture (excluding upholstered pieces). Carpets, rugs and wood floors.  Beds made and bed linens laundered and changed if requested.

BATHROOM - Bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets. Faucets and fixtures, exterior cabinets and mirrors. Floors and tile walls, floors, emptying the waste baskets. Towels laundered and changed if requested.


LIVING ROOM - Furniture exteriors, (excluding upholstered pieces). Carpets, rugs and wood floors.  Electronics (dusted only when accessible and safe).




  • If easily accessible and free of clutter, we will also do our best to vacuum under the beds, sofas and in the closets.
  • On the day of your service, please do your best to organize the apartment so we can clean it effectively.
  • If necessary, Gemini will use traditional cleaning supplies in place of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day.


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